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Department of Labor and Industry--Workplace Safety Consultation Unit


Notice of Safety Grants for Logging Industry Employers


The Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) announces additional funds for its safety hazard abatement matching grant program under Minnesota Statutes, section 79.253, and Minnesota Rules, parts 5203.0010 through 5203.0070.


Additional safety grant funds have been specifically allocated to support worker injury prevention, for the logging industry.  Logging employers covered by workers’ compensation insurance, and those approved as self-insured employers, are eligible to apply for safety/health matching grants to abate safety hazards in their workplace.


The safety/health hazards must have been identified in an on-site survey conducted by one of the following:

1) MNOSHA safety/health investigator,

2) DLI Workplace Safety Consultation safety/health consultant,

3) in-house employee safety/health committee,

4) workers’ compensation underwriter,

5) private safety/health consultant or

6) a person under contract with the Assigned Risk Plan.


The on-site safety/health survey must have resulted in specifically recommended safety and/or health practices or equipment, training for purchased equipment, and/or tuition reimbursement designed to reduce the risk of injury to employees.


Costs eligible for program participation are all or part of the cost of purchasing and installing recommended safety/health equipment, training for purchased equipment, tuition reimbursement, the cost of operating or maintaining safety/health equipment, and/or the cost of purchasing or renting real property, if necessary, to meet criteria established by the on-site safety/health survey. Automobiles, weapons, or personnel costs, such as salary and benefits, will not be covered by these grants.


Whether we approve your grant application or not, does not diminish, delay, or absolve you of any obligation to abate hazards as required by law. No state funds will be distributed until all grant documents are signed by all parties and the safety grant project is completed, including payments for all items in the project. Costs incurred before all parties have signed the grant document must not rely on grant approval. Invoices dated prior to your fully executed grant agreement are not eligible for this program.


Until the additional funding source has been fully utilized, logging employers who submit a grant application by the application deadlines of August 15, 2021, October 15, 2021, December 15, 2021, February 15, 2022, and April 15, 2022, respectively, will be eligible to receive a grant from the additional grant funds.  Grants are limited to a total maximum match of up to $25,000 per project. The employer must provide at least $1.00 (one dollar) in project costs for every dollar awarded. No grant will be awarded for more than half the amount of the approved project. Applications will be evaluated and processed so that grant contracts or denial letters will be issued within the two months following each application deadline.  Projects will be judged according to the criteria established by law.


A logging employer who has received a previous safety grant will be eligible to apply and receive a grant from this additional funding.  All applicable information requested on the grant application form is required for grant approval.  Missing information will result in your application being disqualified for consideration.  Less than the requested amount may be awarded if program resources are insufficient to provide full assistance to all approved applicants and if the reduced grant could still achieve safety objectives.


Applicants can submit a safety grant application using the on-line application form that is accessed at:  

Additional information can be found on the Safety Grant Program web-page:, or contact the Safety Grants Administrator at:  (651) 284-5338, 1-800-731-7232 or e-mail at

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